Materialistic wish list

1. iPhone: probably because of the games and the apps. I spend a lot of time in commute, so it would be nice to have it, especially that the winter break is coming up and I will have lots of free time isA.

2. DSLR camera: I got sold on it by Gjoe and Dee. I have a semi-professional camera which is good enough, but fails me at night. I really like the resolution and quality of the pictures of the DSLRs, although I am also intrigued by the latest release of my own camera. I am inclined towards a Nikon since my sister has a Canon, so it would be nice to have all options within the family.

3. A trip around Europe during winter: countries would include, but not limited to France (for the Louvre and Eiffel tower), Italy (Roma,Venice, Florence, Sicily and a train ride through the south, a walk through a vineyard, a visit to a cheese factory and a stay at one of those Renaissance castles where playing "murder" takes a whole new perspective ), Croatia (for Hiking and photography), Belgium (for the chocolates), England (theater and opera, really good visit to the museums, driving to the country and seeing one of those lakes) and I would end it with a week-long stay in Scotland (the enchanting country that led me to my calling- I would go there via the train from London to Edinburgh, they say the scenery is to die for).

Croatia :)

4. A Chanel necklace: Ever since I was a child I wanted one. I don't care for designer stuff, I prefer regular brands because I believe that designers are selling air more than real quality. However, I have always wanted a Chanel necklace; one of those long silver or pearl (or maybe gold?) one that have tiny Chanel logos attached to it, usually it's multi-strand as well. If you want to see the power of Chanel Necklaces, I suggest you watch "The Devil Wears Prada" Anne Hathaway wears lots of them in the movie. I also once saw a gold Chanel locket that was "to die for". I guess I am just obsessed with Chanel necklaces :)

Note: I am broke, thus I can't attain any of the above "wishes" and that's why it's called a wishlist :)


Ze2red said…
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... how i wish for the Europe trip. and for the time being honestly i will settle for any kind of trip.
Sina said…
Wana Kaman, nefsy asafer awy :'(

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