• When people say "I don't know, there's something" and then they don't continue, as if that's enough for me to figure out the "something" they mean. People, please, make up your minds before you speak, unfortunately (much to my discontent) I am not a freakin mind reader.

  • The comments Egyptians write on various Arabic websites. The comments are usually provoking and oozing of ignorance, yet they are written with such confidence that you'd think that a Noble prize winner was speaking. Unless you have something useful to add, keep it to yourself. It's usually not that great to start with.

  • People who force themselves upon you and then when you do give them the light of day, they become so self-centered you'd think that they trade places with the sun.

  • 6th of October bridge getting insanely crowded 10 minutes before you arrive at your destination. You end up spending 45 minutes in a distance worth 10 minutes.

  • When you are calm all day and then comes something that drives you insane, ruining your track record.

  • Spending all day in the funk and then you manage to get yourself out of it, only to have someone come and ruins your mood again.

  • The inability to remember something you've read the day before.

  • Being bombarded by bad news all day long. We live in a sucky country, get used to it and shut up already.

  • Happy people.

  • Unrealistic people.

  • Screaming children.

  • Screaming adults.

  • Screaming children/ adults on any mean of transportation.

  • Starting the day with one weather and ending it in a totally different weather. Reminds me of Katy Perry's song "Hot and Cold". Dear mother nature, make up your mind. Is it winter or is it summer? ana zehe2t. Sincerely, an annoyed citizen of the earth.

  • A cup of coffee/tea that has gone cold because someone decided to call upon your expertise right after you've made the cup of coffee/tea. A plague on all your houses.
Well, that's all I have, but I am sure there are many more. Feel free to comment and add yours.


Ze2red said…
People who throw paper, tissues, cigarettes, plastic bags, etc.. in the street from the car's window. Come on, can't they wait till the reach their destination and get rid of their waste in a garbage can, or even have a small plastic bag in their cars for their own garbage, and clean it up at the end of the day, or even at the end of the week????!!!
M@hdeTo said…
Guys who speak like 15 years old cheerleaders.

People who believe that wearing a Chi pendant will make your energy all better and life all luvy duvy.

People who sell that Chi pendant as a social networking ploy (you get money if people you refer to buy it, etc.).

People who actually go ahead and buy it!

People who knows the people who bought it and actually advised them to go ahead and buy them.

People who knows the people who bought it and advised them not to buy it but they went ahead and bought it and they knew they would but didn't do anything decisive about it (Strike to the medulla oblongata, do it gentle enough and he won't die and probably will come back to his senses after waking up).

Guys who speak like 15 years old cheerleaders .. oh .. I already said that? well .. I really hate them. So I'll go ahead and put them for 3 more spots.

Guys who speak like 15 years old cheerleaders.

Guys who speak like 15 years old cheerleaders.

Guys who speak like 15 years old cheerleaders.
Sina said…
Ze2red: I know, they're disgusting.

I am guessing someone suggested you buy the Chi pendant and that made you mad?
So, mainly your monster would be a man talking like a 15 year old cheerleader wearing a Chi pendant. LOL.
M@hdeTo said…
Not really! They just annoy me that much :D
deppy said…
• Girl friends who think they-know-it-all, and start throwing judgments about your life, and about how you're supposed to act. come on!! could every one just focus on their lives and keep their worthy advices for themselves?

• People who own the locks and the key. who give themselves privileges to control your live. and what make it worse is that you would let them interfere.

• Nagging about the same thing over and over and over again (sometimes I do that myself and when I do I'd like to punch myself in the face)

• Denying or diminishing someone else's pain/feelings and flip the conversation to other "important" stuff.

• Those who take EVERYTHING personally.

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