1. There is nothing as comforting as a good Carrot Cake. Never ever eat a carrot cake without the sugary carrot on top, it's as if you're cheating yourself.

2. I don't like indifferent or nonchalant people; I like those who have a temper, who get up in the middle of the conversation, who storm out of the room, who express themselves, who let the world know of their noise... Why act as if you're calm when you're not? Who are you deceiving?

3. I don't tolerate dogs. Sorry, I am a cat person. I can play with dogs a little bit, but I definitely can't be left with them; can't bear all the slobbering and jumping around; too much for my poor nerves! Perfect pet: a black chubby fluffy cat with lime green eyes.

4. I am realistic, but I don't indulge in reality.

5. Gjoe says "You have the luxury to entertain an identity crisis." Thank God for that :)

6. I am afraid of old age, not of dying, but the frailty of old age.

7. I am over Harry Potter. I know, couldn't believe it myself.

8. I think I want to start a scrapbook, although I don't think I am a scrapbook kind of personality.


Ze2red said…
i share 2 and 3 with you
Sina said…
hehe, I am glad I am not alone :)

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