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1. Name who asked you to play this game.


2. Mention six secrets nobody can uncover about you when meeting you for the first time.

  • In parties where I don't know anybody, I am always alone because I am bad at small talk.
  • I always wonder whether people know about my mishaps.
  • I try not to get too friendly because I don't like getting hooked on people, and that's why sometimes people think that I am annoying.
  • Before meeting people, I try to get some subjects lined up in my head to be able to talk (freak alert, I know).
  • I keep reminding myself to smile.
  • I am always in a pickle whether I should extend my hand or not and I like people who have a strong handshake.

3. Pass this on to 6 bloggers, mentioning their names along with their links.


jazzylife said…
i love ur little secrets ..

my god i love SECRETS :D
M@hdeTo said…
Sorry am late :)


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