I am

Annoyed, confused, ignorant, forgetful but not of the right things, harboring disappointed hopes, alone, bored, powerless, unsafe, left, without a cause, unknowing, empty, in love with hateful things, lost, unresisting of hurt, forever fooled into existence, unbelievably believable, unbelieving of others, in darkness during day, insensible, overly pensive, gullible, deceived by thoughts of entertainment, rarely acknowledging of felicity, attached to worthless things, unworthy of the life I am wasting, praying for truth, obligingly trapped within a universe of my own doing, unsure, attempting to plan the unplanned, foolish, naive, obviously unsophisticated, indefinable, worried, suffocating, in need of screaming, admiring but not admired, proudly modest, modestly proud of things I do not own, in control of nothing, deeply shallow, awkwardly normal, talentless, helpful to none, unrefreshingly honest, eagerly silent, silently audible, disconnected, hardly there or here, in the midst, the beginning of nothing, bearer of vacuum.


Brownie said…
no you are not at all, you are completely the opposite but you are just not in ur best mood..hope everything will be ok with you..come on you are super talented
Ze2red said…
Kol dah marra wa7da??!!!!!

Don't think so, i bet you are just feeling down, and it will all turn out to be fine " Bokra tero2 w te7la :D" ... i should be telling this to myself as well :)
Sina said…
Thanks Brownie. I've been having a rough couple of days and at one point I really felt all of that.

Ze2red: Bokra tero2 we te7la :)
I hope you're right. Thanks :)
M@hdeTo said…
sounds like something to be written along with a warning that death would slay with its wings he who would disturb the Pharaoh's slumber.
Sina said…
Maybe on a good day

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