I am proud of Egypt

I've decided that I want to lift my spirits and say something positive about Egypt every now and then. So, every couple of days or when the whim presents itself, I am going to post a status on facebook that begins with ""I am proud of Egypt/Egyptians because..." and basically fill it small nice things that are funny and silly. Nothing hard core and nothing negative, it's just a pick me up that I thought of Today on my way to work.

Some Examples:

I am proud of Egyptians because we can embrace any kind of people even Tamer Hosny.
I am proud of Egyptians because we don't let lanes and queues define us.
I am proud of Egypt because if you get a flat tire, someone will always tell you.

Things like that, silly, little nothings that just make you smile.

So, if you think it's a nice thing, join me and make others smile.


Ze2red said…
i still didn't read the post but just wanted to say, you've been tagged :)

marooned84 said…
A beautiful idea :)

Here's mine:
I am proud of Egypt because as soon as anything wrong happens you find yourself surrounded by people who wants eagerly to help you.
Sina said…
Nice one ya Marooned and it's very true.

Ze2red:Your wishes are my command ;)
Anonymous said…
Eda... me likes the idea :))

I am proud of Egyptians because when you stumble down and fall in the street, you'd find many rushing to lift you up and dust you off asking if you're alright :)

(think about it on a deeper level, when you fall, you'll find someone to help you up)!
Anonymous said…
yeah.. I love the idea ya Sina...
And I love the Tamer Hosny one .. da7aketny gedaaaaan (y)

Loving your mood ya Sina these days :D keep it upppp (y)
Sina said…
@Mermaid: glad you liked it.
I think that's one of the main reasons that people like living here for. I remember when I was in the US when I was 7, a woman fell in the street and nobody helped her, she laid there until the ambulance came. It was really sad.

@Randomika: Sank you Sank you.
I try to keep it up wallahy, at times it seems really challenging.
Ze2red said…
that;s nice..

i'm proud of the very few-reaming Egyptians who work hard and would love to see this country better someday.
Sina said…
yeah, they're diminishing every day, but at least they exist :)

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