There is that day

You wake up fine, in fact it might be a different kind of day, because you have something extra to do. However, you go by your daily routine just as if nothing is wrong as you breathe in and out the same air you breathe every day, in fact you think to yourself maybe this time it's a bit cleaner, when you know that in fact it is not. You dress up and go about your daily chores, job, gym, housework, whatever.
And it really seems like a normal day, nothing extra special about it and like an artichoke, this thick layer of assurance starts to peal off as the day progresses, you find out that things aren't what they seem, that in fact you do care about whatever happens to your sodding future and when it all comes down to reality, you ARE NOT happy about whom you've become, you seem to be in a rut when it comes to doing anything at all and you don't know WHAT THE HELL you want from life.

In this glorious day, you acknowledge the fact that you have been a fool, that maybe you have been born a fool and you know what? It's no longer funny that things are the way they are, it's not funny that you are descending to a much lower level than you thought and it's definitely not funny that you have this strange feeling at the pit of your stomach making you sick all the time. It's in days like these, when nothing looks appeasing that you find yourself unwilling to proceed and really questioning your sorry existence.

You know what you should do? Take a deep breath, eat something and just shrug it off, to hell with the rest.


marooned84 said…
That day sounds familiar..
zandy said…
I don't like this end line. It sounded like eshraby bo2 maya wenty teyb2y kweyssa :D
why shud we give up when we can try and change. I definitely don't know how bs aho .. ahy mo7awalat yemken wa7da tenga7 wla 7aga :D

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