On Wanting

"The fear is to aim too low and reach it"

I heard this on CNN yesterday; they were talking about the economic crisis and auto industry in the US and how GM and other companies have to change their ways to survive; one of the people speaking said this that they were aiming too low for too long. Their plans haven't been sufficient for future expansion or change; that they haven't even included any environmental friendly cars in their future.

Anyhow, then this afternoon I read about Amelia Erhart; the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. And I think that she really aimed very high and reached it.

Than the question appeared, what if you don't aim? What if you go through life without any targets, but just try to live as best as you can and exploit any opportunity that comes your way. How does that shape your aim? too low? none-existent?

Through out my life, I see people who know exactly what they want and they work towards that and they actually reach it. They see everything in life as something that could help them in their quest to their own earth-bound Valhalla. This is very noble and great. In fact, I respect these people a lot and find them fascinating.
On the other hand, what if all that you aim for is to make your living amusing? What if all you want is for life to be interesting? What if all you wish for is enough great stories to tell when you're 90 years of age? What does that make you?

I don't know what I want from life or myself or people around me or my career or anything, but I decided to stop worrying about it. I said that I would enjoy anything that God gives me and try to make the best of it. I will still try to learn new languages, read new books, see new movies, travel to new places, but just because I want to enjoy life that much more. I won't stop reading the news, but I will try to view life in a more holistic way and be satisfied with whatever.

I fear that I am avoiding "wanting", which is a sentiment that I don't appreciate that much, but fear it or not, that's the way I am going to live from now on.


Brownie said…
that is a very good decision, stuck to it ba2a
zandy said…
yes it's very good really. Personally I think that whatever you do as long as it's gonna make you happy and satisfied with your life then it is the right decision. It's not a nice feeling when you want sth sooo much and you just can't do it.

P.S. please allow fellow ppl from wordpress to comment too.. mesh ma32ool keda don't be in their way of wanting to comment :D

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