The Real Challenge

There are clear challenges in our lives; things such as climbing a mountain, swimming a long distance, hiking for 2 days, camping out in the wilderness, jumping from a plane, running for your life as an avalanche of snow chases you down a cliff, dodging a cold after spending your whole day in the rain, etc...

Then there are challenges that come sneaking up on you, much like a Cobra in the scorching desert heat when you're nauseous, dizzy and fighting for breath. You don't really see the Cobra and hence you don't acknowledge the challenge. These kind of challenges are usually mental or environmental challenges. Things that you either force yourself to believe, or somebody or something from the outside forces you to believe them.

The worst thing in the world is to limit your world, to not acknowledge the possibilities or to summarize the worst thing in the world in not being aware. Of What? Of yourself, of what you can be, of the options around you,of the future, of the present, of the things you're missing out on, of the things you are keeping yourself from, of the people who keep pushing you too hard or too soft, of being in a whirlpool of unconsciousness, of your own identity crisis,etc...

...of the fact that you are so afraid of going through all the SHIT that you should go through that you shove yourself in things that you don't want, but you do them anyway because that's the way it should be or that's the way they want it to be, but not the way that you believe it should be.

Sometimes I just want to scream at people because they keep limiting themselves to things that stunt their growth, for going with the flow because they're afraid of how others might view them. Who Cares? JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE, you only get to live it once, whether you do that in style or you do it clumsily, WHO CARES? as long as you're 100% satisfied with what you're doing, let everyone else GO TO HELL. Just remember that you CAN be whatever you set your mind to become, you can accomplish things and you ARE the makings of your own hands. YOU make your own decisions and don't let anybody make them for you, fight as hard and as long as you need, but DON'T ever GIVE UP.

Old habits might die hard, but really genuine ones are created much easily.


Brownie said…
why do i feel that this post is directed to me specially the last paragraph?
zandy said…
I totally agree with you ya Sina. I hate it when ppl think there's no other option just because ppl tell them so. But i'll also have to say that not everybody is creative enough to come up with new solutions other than the ones provided. That's why there are a few times when I don't blame those ppl, not so many times though.
gjoe said…
Let me quote brownie:
why do i feel that this post is directed to me specially the last paragraph?

Sina, I teared up shwaya reading this post.

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