A black dot

It all starts with it, this tiny black dot in a white unwrinkled sheet of perfection or at least the illusion of perfection. Soon you will find that the dot widens and keeps on widening until it acquires a great space in the sheet. It becomes the thing that catches your eye first upon looking at the sheet. In fact,it becomes the only thing that you see. The black dot encompasses the sheet until the mere existence of the sheet become questionable. The texture of the sheet itself differs, the way it feels and the way it's portrayed no longer holds any luster.
You becomes incapable of defining the object; somehow it's a freak of nature, although you once admired it for its perfection, beauty and wholesomeness.

The thing is when this black dot appears and I assure that it will, in anything and everything, will the way you view the object differ or will it stay the same? be it a job, a person, a home, a travel destination, etc...

Just a thought.


zandy said…
First, I really loved the way you drew this picture. It's perfect.
Second, of course the cot will affect the way we look at the object " the white sheet ". The question is will we remember the white sheet after this state that what we can see now is the black dot. Well, for me sometimes I look back and remember the white sheet and how beautiful and perfect it looked and try to look back and see the small white pieces left of the white sheet. Other times, I simply can't, i feel the dot has taken all over the white sheet that it's no longer white 7'alas :(
bs at least we shud try and keep trying to look for the white spaces left.
Very good post ya Sina.Loved it :)
marooned84 said…

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