A trivial post

I have curly unruly hair, which I try to manage as much as possible with some degree of success; quoting Dee's father when he saw me a couple of months ago, he was very impressed with the fact that my hair was in fact groomed.

Anyhow, lately however my hair has become flat, with no idea why. I have never in my life had flat hair, my head has always been poufy and misrepresented. These days, my hair sticks to my scull. STRANGE.

I do have some convincing explanation; it's for the first time in 4-5 years that my hair is actually shoulder length. I've always kept it very short; cutting it every 4 months or so, but this time the 4 months came and went and I didn't cut my hair, much to my own discomfort, but I realized I might grow it long for an unneeded change. That's why, I think, I have flat hair.

I am not worried however, because I know that in a matter of no time my hair will return to its poufy self.

On a very different note, for the first time in ages, I am actually not worried about my future or my identity; this vote of confidence came to me last night as I was driving home after a very lengthy meeting about our future in the company as trainees (me included). Let me tell you, the meeting wasn't very positive or optimistic, most of the guys were actually distressed (especially that some of them are engaged to be married), but I found myself satisfyingly indifferent. Strange, huh?

So, until I am back to my poufy stressed out wreck that I am, I think I will enjoy the somewhat healthy change.


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