The change

I am starting to become a very different person (see last post), but I guess the most prominent change in myself, would be my open-mindedness (is that a word?). I have to admit that I have been closed to a lot of concepts in life and I have successfully shielded myself from many interactions that involved uncertainty. Now, however, I find myself longing to a challenge, I seek out things that seem to others bad ideas and I ravel in accomplishing them.

However, I think my spending a lot of time with boys haven't been very good on my feminine side and to tell you the truth, sometimes I miss it(not that it ever really presented itself), but I do miss hanging out with girls and seeing that I haven't been out with my friends in quite sometime makes me miss it that much more. Don't get me wrong, you won't see me wearing dresses or skirts or putting on makeup, but I crave the naivety that comes with hanging out with girls and you would find that strange, but the way I laugh with my friends is completely different than the way I laugh with my colleagues and the jokes I say, the way we eat, the way we converse, everything is different.
Let me tell you a story, a month ago we were working during the weekend at the office and we got hungry, so we decided to order some pizzas, we ordered Pizza Roma, but thinking that the pizzas are the regular size, we ordered 3 LARGE pizzas for 5 people. The pizzas were huge. The remarks were quite humorous, but the way we kept encouraging each other to eat was hilarious, especially that one of the pizzas was very spicy and each one of us would actually eat it and start tearing up and becoming completely red. Needless to say, I didn't eat for a week after that.

So, to my friends who read this blog, I WANT TO GO OUT. Yalla ba2a.


gjoe said…
7ader. call me bokra
zandy said…
yess. plzzzzzzzzzzz wana kaman wana kamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

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