On endings

You never experience something the same as you experience it the first time.

And on this note, you will find me to be the sort of person who reads a novel once, especially if it's a novel I love. Why? Because I hate when it ends, I despise the feeling that the ending of a novel brings and I never look forward to it. In fact there are several novels on my shelf that I haven't read their endings, I just couldn't get myself to end them.

I also have trouble with the endings of projects; you know when you've worked for months on something and finally the day came when you did the presentation and you find the people around you filled with glee and relief, while I am just vacant, and I try, but I can't get myself to be happy or thrilled that it ended. My sister has a theory; I go over the thing in my mind and try to tweak it, but I don't really do that. I just can't get myself to be joyful.

I usually sleep it off.


gjoe said…
It is funny that you and insomiac have the same but very different posts!

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