A Second Chance

Everybody deserves a second chance and I believe that it's fair to give somebody another chance to fix whatever that went wrong.

The thing is I don't think I want a second chance, I don't really know what I want, but I need a change, not a fresh start, but rather a jolt, a detour, something. We'll see what happens... and until then I hope to keep sane.


gjoe said…
Ana 3an nafsy ba7ebb second cup
Mohaly said…
Every one needs to pause every 7 to 10 years in his/her life and decide if he/she is on the right track or not of reaching his/her goals.

May be it is about time to take a break from everything and think what do you want, what you have achieved so far, and what can you do next.

Best of Luck :)

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