I am starting to really doubt myself, in fact I am starting to doubt my very own existence. The problem is I become whatever life needs me to be at this stage of it and as I grow older (and supposedly wiser) I feel like I am drifting more and more from my core being. Granted that I don't know it that much or even identify with it, but just as some people believe in whatever fantasy they spin for their life, I know that my core being exists and I know that I should cut to the chase and just try to attain it instead of faking my way through life, pretending to be someone I am not.
Pretending that I care, when I don't and making sure that I fit life's profile, instead of my own.

Again the question echoes in my head, Who AM I? and the answer seems to drift away just like a small boat on a windy day in the ocean.

Listening to~ Strange mood by Azziza Mostafa


Brownie said…
when u stop fighting for ur rights and dreams , when u accept whatever life has offered u, that is when u lose control over ur choices and by time u lose interest, then u stop fighting, that is when u wake up oneday and u discovered that u r not what u once wished to be.
Cesario said…
That's very true and what I am trying to avoid, but it kind of hard when you don't know what you want from life aslan.
Brownie said…
u don't know or u forgot what u want?!
Cesario said…
No, Sadly I don't know, I wish I did, but I don't. Believe when I know I won't ever forget.

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