Just nod your head

Trust is a strange thing, isn't it?

There are people that you trust for no apparent reason and others who no matter how good they behave, you can't seem to actually believe in them; you might nod, smile and say "Sure, of course", but then you will find yourself calling them on the phone and asking "So, have you done this or that?" and the answer would -as expected- be "No"
And then there are other people who just need one sentence, one phone call, one meeting and they will do the things -as agreed upon- perfectly. These people are really rare and I really appreciate them. In business and life, if you have somebody like that, you really want them on your team.

There are other people, who argue for the sake of arguing and just hinder progress because they can; you come out of a discussion with them, confused, agitated and with no real added value. Yes, I have said it, added value (In our company, it's a very important thing).

Then you have your typical male club attitude, which I don't mind one bit; I mean say whatever you want to say, insinuate whatever you want, do whatever stupid thing you want to do, all I care about is work. I don't know why, but people (men and women), look at me like I am a victim or something and then young men shove the fact that they're married in my face, WHAT THE FRICK, just because I am a young single woman, doesn't mean I am after you, what an ego. Then managers keep apologizing for the fact that the experience is going to be the hardest for me, because I am the freakin girl. Yet, at the same time, my colleagues tell me that I behave like no girl they have ever known, they treat me -almost- like one of the guys, they believe that I am serious and a bit frightening. Boys tell me I have no emotion, except stress and anger. Analytical tests tell me that too. And why should I? Emotions are so fickle, unreliable and messy.

I get scared sometimes, but then I get over it. I get lonely sometimes, but then I get over it. Most of the time, I am accepting of the situation around me; I don't like to complain because God has been so gracious and I am not sulking, because of wrinkles, hehe.


At the end of the day, you just nod, smile and walk away.


Belya said…
For me, you would be the excellent work partner.
Cesario said…
thanks :D
[-daisy-] said…
Sina :) I love your post. It's insightful .Have a wonderful day .Sara Yones

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