I can

I am very good at multitasking and I am also very good at being so many things for so many people, I am fine with that. Every person in my life has a different idea about who I am, which is fine. I am always on the sidelines of action, which is OK because I don't like being in the spotlight.
I don't want expensive cars, lavish dinners and so many other things people nowadays want. In fact, I don't want much. I like my aging car, 3arbety el ta2sha, I like my old phone that has a great picture of my cat sniffing flowers, but has no memory to hold anything else, sometimes it makes me sound like a robot, but that's part of its charm. I like it when people come talk to me about themselves and they know I am capable of listening. I like my new attitude towards life and I like having a job that's demanding. I like going back home knowing that I have done my best, that I have spared nothing. I like smiling and saying hello even though I am so tired and utterly exhausted. I like standing in front of the room talking about nonsence with my sisters. I like my bed, my stack of magazines that I browse for something to read, my library, my PC. I am grateful and I like what God gives me.

I can do anything and be anyone, but please don't take away my free will, my liberty, my expression, my ever so revealing solitude, my freedom, my self , my soul.


[-daisy-] said…
Nice post sina I really should be that grateful ! :) Missed you
Cesario said…
Thanks :D
Yeah, satisfaction leads to contentment which leads to inner peace, but the catch is you have to work at it constantly. It never comes on its own.

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