"wada3 hawak we 2ensah we 2ensah, 3omr el kan mahyerga3 tany , kan 7elm we ra7, 2ensah we erta7 "
A line from Mohamad Abd El Moteleb's song called "Wada3 Hawak" , rather the Arabic version of "bye bye love " by Ray Charles, because they're both saying goodbye to something they used to have.

This song is one of my favorites because it makes sense, forget about the lovey dovey part, but it really is comforting, the above line says "Say goodbye to your passion, forget it and rest, that which is lost never comes back, it was a lost dream, forget it and rest."
Whenever something slips away, I just put on this song and it really makes me feel better; funny like that.
I'm a huge fan of old arabic songs and I especially like Abd el Moteleb and Abd el wahab, next in line is Om Kalthoum and Said Mekawy.


Deeeeeee said…
I'm an oldies fan too, I love Abdul Mottelleb, Om Kolthoum, Fayrouz, Fareed and Abdul Wahab can really cheer me up! I don't have a single Sayed Mekawy song though.
Anonymous said…

I see you are an oldies fan; maybe you can help me out... There is a song I heard in one of Madeha Kamel's movies when I was about 6 yrs old and for some strange reason it comes to mind whenever I feel alone in the world...

It's a wonderful song, full of expression and meaning but I'm not sure who the singer is Abdel Wahab or Abdel Moteleb or someone else? I can't seem to find out who sings it or what the name of the song is.

The song goes like:
'Matsibneesh ana lowahde...
Matsibneesh ana lowahde...
Matkhaleesh el donia telab beya wh beek...
Matsebneesh adhael feek..."

I would be eternally grateful for some direction on this one so I can finally put it to rest.

Cesario said…
hey sunshine,
there's a song for Said el Mekawy called "7'aly shewaya 3alaya we shewaya 3alek" and it has a line from your song(mat7'aleesh el donya tel3ab beya we beek), but I don't know if this is the one you mean.
I hope I've helped and that you find your song. Your best bet is to ask someone who is into old movies or your parents or grandparents; they're always a good source when it comes to old songs.
Anonymous said…
U'r a sweetheart.

That's the song!

Thx Much!!!


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