To tell the truth and the vessel

It takes a lot of courage and credibility to tell the truth, more so than any kind gesture or good deed, I believe that telling the actual raw truth might be the hardest thing in life, but the kind of truth I'm talking about isn't the regular kind, but the kind where the people in front of you know everything that you want to say, but can't, maybe because you don't want to be rude or hurt their feelings or maybe you're too embarrassed.
Yet, I often wonder what will happen if for an instance the person standing in front of me knew what I really think about them, or what I really want to say, utmost honesty, naive truth you might call it, one that doesn't take human reactions into account, or their feelings, or maybe your own.
Sometimes I think it would be liberating, but other times I think it would be plain cruelty, but it will surely put your mind at rest, it will calm your soul and for once in life, you will be completely and utterly composed, the way you feel after a yoga lesson, or a really nice piece of instrumental music, or a great novel.
That's why many times, I find my mind shouting that which I can not say, but the people in front of me will never realize it, one will die with this naive truth weighing down his/her soul.

Another different subject, is the vessel, how many times did I admire something from the outside, but hate it from the inside, I believe a lot of times. The vessel is the first thing we witness, the first thing that materializes in our minds, and so for some time we see nothing else, but it. It's the curse of being human, to be both primitive and sophisticated, cultured yet rough, thoughtful yet naive. Shiny things attracts our vision and so our minds follow, a most unfortunate thing. Even though when this happens, I get back to my logical thinking and guide myself towards what counts, I often wonder about those empty beautiful things, why they're so hollow.
I guess in the end we're to blame, we've built a world based on beauty and lies, a world so hollow and fake, yet pleasing to the eye, but not the eye of the mind.


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