Turkey(Part 2)

My only recent encounter with the airport is when I went to Luxor, two years ago and that was the domestic terminal, which isn't really impressive, so I lowered my expectations and decided that the international terminal no.1 won't be so different, but nothing could have prepared me for what's coming.
According to EgyptAir's demands, we were to be present in the airport 3 whole hours before the departure time, well we thought that it was an exaggeration, but we arrived early anyway because we didn't want any trouble. We've arranged for a nice Taxi to come pick us up and we embarked on our journey. The actual trip to the airport wasn't that bad, cause it was early in the morning, so there weren't a lot of traffic.
Anyhow, we arrived at the airport. To say it was crowded would be an under-estimation, it was as if they were distributing free meat, people everywhere and so intense you can't even see the doors, of course add this to the fact that there officers shouting for the cars not to stop, the carts which you put on your luggage don't work, etc...
I was at awe, couldn't believe all those people were going places, but turns out the whole crowd were people waiting for travelers to arrive, what can I say, whenever an Egyptian arrives from Belad El Ferenja , his/her whole family must be there to welcome the heir to the throne; It was as if they were waiting for the soldiers to come home from a World War or something. Anyhow, we made our way through the raging crowds and on to the baggage venue, where they weigh the luggage and give you the sticky labels and boarding passes.

Once you do all that and actually go through to the waiting halls, it's quite nice, there are a lot of cafes and shops, and for once something Egyptian looks clean.
Here are some pictures:


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