a lifeless core

There 's a secret that lies deep within her, one which employed both her body and soul to protect, making her more tired than alive. Even though it's never a secret unless someone wants to know about it, no one realizes that a secret exists and she dares not mention it to herself in front of the mirror on a cold Sunday night, for fear that she might actually believe it, believe that which torments her day and night, is possible. She imagined it would drive her mad, its possibility with all the potential would turn her into a pure psychopath. That's why she struggles to forget that which she is so vividly reminded of every fleeting minute. Sometimes, she forces a small tap on her mind to subdue the secret from surfacing, to stop herself from thinking about it, to convince herself that it doesn't exist. Many times, she considered fleeing to another universe, another dimension, where this secret never existed and never will exist, so that she could finally enjoy some rest, or maybe her mind's own thoughts, or the whisper of the wind, or just the purely sweet chirp of a bird on a Friday morning.


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