You know it's summer when

  1. People refuse to wear lighter clothes, even though it's 40C out, because the government hasn't announced it yet.
  2. Cars parked on the bridge(6th of October tab3an), with their hoods opened and major smoke coming out,people please put more water in your cars, news-Flash: Egypt is very very hot.
  3. Deodorant sales drops.
  4. Tomato-red foreigners.
  5. Fruits and vegetables go bad inside the fridge.
  6. The weather news on channel one announces that tomorrow , there's going to be light showers. Tomorrow actually is: 50 C
  7. people who think that just because they have a 50 SPF sunscreen on, they're not going to feel the heat.
  8. Sunscreen melting off of your face.
  9. Pharmacies selling sunscreen that's 5 years' old(no wonder it was melting).
  10. The grand finale--> Nady el Sid and Nady el Gezira cause major block in Zamalek and mohandeseen. If the park is full, GO HOME!!!!


gjoe said…
Well Said!!
and its very true the nady el seed part :D:D LOOL
zandy said…
Fadfadation said…
THere are also "Tomato-red" Egyptians :)

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