Mission::Impossible III

Recently I downloaded mission impossible 3 game, mobile edition and I have to say it's really interesting and playable.
I always think that action games are all the same, things like the assassin and max payne are just so cliche, but I really enjoyed MI3 and I think I'm on the verge of downloading the PC version, if I find it, but I'd really recommend it for a friend.
It brought back my "wolf"*-playing day.

*for those who're younger , wolf was an action game about an American soldier who faces the Nazis; It was really nice , but a bit bloody, but my absolute complex was level 9, no body could pass it. You'd be faced with 6 soldiers from every angle and a couple of dogs, The guy usually lasted less than 30 seconds, but definitely a classic. It was really hip and happening in Egypt round the mid nineties.


Deeeeeee said…
What about the older ones who didn't know they were nazis! I used to love that game all the way till midway prep! I wonder why you downloaded the mobile version *wink wink*, but might actually try it! :)
Fadfadation said…
aaaaaaaah a fellow game lover :)
cesario said…
The last frontier, or so I call them,currently working my way through prince of Persia "warrior within", not as thrilling as the old one, but nice none the less.

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