To sugar, caffeine and food supplements

They'll tell you caffeine has no effect on you studying, they'll tell you sugar will make you sleepy, they'll tell you food supplements are just a fad, but in the end nothing will get you going other than this steaming hot cup of coffee, the gazillion-calorie chocolate bar and the 2 pills of food you shove in your mouth after the first two.
My body is still exhausted, my eyes are blurry, but my brain is awake and that's all I need because it's the only organ that works during exams.
So, to all legal stimulants and to many more human generations of ZOMBIE freaks.
Thank you education system!!!


gjoe said…
Long Live caffeine!
Good Luck on ur exams!
Deeeeeee said…
Remind me when we finish exams..maybe during the GP days, that we need to go for caffeine.. sorry coffee frequently.. like we used to do sometimes... We both need to think up a way to delete the brutal scars marking our mentalities from this wretched system!!
Aaah, the good old days of Joe Fox! :)
(that's if you remember..)
cesario said…
Joe Fox as a Schizophrenic theory, how can I forget?
I'm up for coffee anytime.

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