As a child, I had no awareness of time, of life or of people, I dare say I had no awareness of myself as person, living, breathing , with a future. I never thought my parents were once young, nor that I was going to grow old, at least not in the realistic sense. To me, growing up meant being invincible, it meant later bed times, it meant watching TV whenever I want. It meant being able to make decisions. I never thought that these decisions would have consequences, I never thought of the world around, I never realized there were people who suffered, I thought the things in the news were as far away from me as the 7th heaven. My room was my world, my parents were the people I knew and none other, relatives were people who came to eat nice meals and friends were as rare as stars in the morning sky.
The most important thing is that I was living in my own special world, with its own special time and its own special rules, I was completely disconnected from the universe.
Years later, the connection was made, an abrupt connection that shattered my bubble and transformed me from naive cheerful child to a solemn aware adult, all in an instant.
My world became dark and complex, it was filled with people whom I didn't understand, with things that made me wish I was more aware and finally I was aware of the real time, how it passes quickly, how it sneaks up on you and how everything becomes a blurry memory when time touches it. It no longer became my friend, rather my most despised enemy...


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