The statement of the wise no.3 (translated)

Wise influential people (thinkers, businessmen and political analysts ) in Egypt have gathered and agreed on some demands according to the wishes of Egypt's youth, this is the second statement:

1. Securing the rights, freedom and lives of all the Egyptian protesters in Tahrir square and the rest of Cairo and Egypt, as well as securing their rights to enter and exit these locations , in addition to securing them during their stay, exit and return to their homes. We confirm that any negligence in providing this protection and security will not only lead to the legalizing of Egyptian blood and right, but will also lead to the distrusting of all procedures made by governmental institutions during this critical and defining phase of the Egyptian life and future.

2.Immediate termination of all bullying actions, and the unlawful and brutal battering of citizens, while taking into consideration all aggressors gather at main squares and streets' entrances and exits in a planned and destructive method. Therefore, this committee holds the governmental institutions the total responsibility for the continuance of these actions or their recurrence.In our opinion this is a major priority  and represents the minimum manifestation of security and stability of the nation.

3.The immediate suspension of the arrest of all participants in gatherings demanding reform, since the continuance of such acts will remove any remaining trust between the concerned parties.In addition the right for peaceful congregation and demonstration is a constitutional right, and protected by it. This also includes the cessation of campaigns run by some political and media institutions to defame, offend and doubt the good intentions of the protesters, which sometimes goes as far as the use of statements indicating their betrayal. This unacceptable accusations should cease since they lead to a national division and dismantling of the national fabric of the society.

4. Both the committee and the youth expect the armed forces to perform its national duty, which is trusted by the citizens and is seen as a guarantee to the peaceful transition of the nation into real democracy in which all people can participate and guarantee their human rights.


Signed by:

Dr.  Ahmed Kamal Abou El Magd
Eng. Naguib Sawiras
Dr. Nabil El Araby
Mr. Salama Ahmed Salama
Eng. Ibrahim El Mealem
Dr. Waheed Abd El Meguid
Mr. Abd El Aziz El Shafeey
Dr. Amr Hamzawy
Dr. Amr El Shobky
Mr. Gameel Matar
Chancellor Mahmoud Fahmy
Amr Moussa
Amar El Shereiey
Nabil Fahmy
Yehia El Gamal
Ameen El Mahdy
Neveen Mosaad
Aly Mosharafa
Mostafa Kamal El Said
Ibrahim Awad
Mansour Hassan
Halla Soud


randomika said…
Any news what happened to these statements or the committee?! I haven't heard anything about them since this last statement?
Sina said…
Amr Hamzawy has been on a couple of talk shows along with Amr El Shobky and Sawiras has been in the negotiations of the VP. They say they're taking it as a base. That's about it, no real progress though.

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