The statement of the wise no.2 (translated)

Wise influential people (thinkers, businessmen and political analysts) in Egypt have gathered and agreed on some demands according to the wishes of Egypt's youth, this is the second statement:

The violence witnessed in the Egyptian streets right now will only add to the political congestion and the blockage of any hope for resolution of the current crisis and we once again we express our hopeful dependence on the Egyptian military institution to pull out our nation and its citizens from the current crisis and saving the souls of the Egyptian youth.

Signed by:

Dr.  Ahmed Kamal Abou El Magd
Eng. Naguib Sawiras
Dr. Nabil El Araby
Mr. Salama Ahmed Salama
Eng. Ibrahim El Mealem
Dr. Waheed Abd El Meguid
Mr. Abd El Aziz El Shafeey
Dr. Amr Hamzawy
Dr. Amr El Shobky
Mr. Gameel Matar
Chancellor Mahmoud Fahmy


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