The statement of the wise no.1 (translated)

Wise influential people (thinkers, businessmen and political analysts ) in Egypt have gathered and agreed on some demands according to the wishes of Egypt's youth, here is its translation:

1. The president gives all his remaining duties to the Vice President during this transient period until the end of the current presidential term.

2.The Vice President vows to dissolve both parliaments and establish a legal committee of  a number of constitutional experts and independent judges to handle the required constitutional amendments.

3. Forming a new government that consists of executive experts and independent public figures that are loved by the people to manage executive duties during the transient period.

4.Termination of Emergency law and state, and try all those responsible for endangering people's lives, institutions and properties, and terrifying the citizens in an unprecedented way, as well as officials in governmental institutions responsible for putting the lives of citizens and the nations in danger, and the effects of the irresponsible security breakdown.

5.Securing the youths demonstrating in Tahrir square and the rest of cairo, as well as other locations in Egypt, during the transient period from the dangers of being hunted down, prosecuted, prejudiced against and the violations of their rights and freedoms. In addition, they have to be protected from the confiscation of their rights to express their onions and protest peacefully or the forceful shutdown of their legal channels. We also record our total support of the protesting youth and ask all signers of this statement to protect and ensure the safety of the protesters.

6. We express our appreciation and pride of the national and responsible role of the Egyptian armed forces and military institution.

Signed by:

Dr.  Ahmed Kamal Abou El Magd
Eng. Naguib Sawiras
Dr. Nabil El Araby
Mr. Salama Ahmed Salama
Eng. Ibrahim El Mealem
Dr. Waheed Abd El Meguid
Mr. Abd El Aziz El Shafeey
Dr. Amr Hamzawy
Dr. Amr El Shobky
Mr. Gameel Matar
Chancellor Mahmoud Fahmy


Ze2red said…
I have 2 questions bas men gheer darb :D

when did they announce that?

and who delegated those people to be the speakers on behalf of the youth?
Sina said…
I think the first time was on an interview on Al Arabiya with Sawiras and Kamal Abou El Magd.

They're not delegated, they are just trying to make a comprehensive statement inspired by the youth to make matters more organized.

However, I personally would delegate them to speak on my behalf. They are a good group of educated people who fear for their country.

We akeed men 3'er darb, ana mesh el 7okooma.
Ze2red said…
thanks sina. rabena ye7fazna men el 7okma :D

I just wanted to know, i thought there was something official to choose their names that i wasn't aware of, since sometimes i get tired of the news and switch the TV off.

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