I am numb. I don't think my analytical brain has accepted that at 6:00 PM of 11/02/2011 something grand has happened.

After 18 days of revolution, the demands of the people have been met, Mubarak has stepped down and the armed forces have taken over. It means that the dissolution of Parliaments will happen and the constitution will be made over.

I  can hear cars honking, people celebrating in the streets, women cheering with the well-known Egyptian Zaghroota and people tweeting their utter delight. I can see the relief on my mother's face and for the first time in 18 days, a cheerful smile is drawn on my father's face, while my sister keeps shouting in the phone like a little giggling girl. However, I express nothing. I know I should be happy, jumping on the ground, can't believe myself happy, maybe do the twist like the Beatles say or just scream.

We all deserve to be happy, we all deserve to cheer this night away, we all need to be proud of our youth and our Egyptian determination. So, Egypt, for the sake of my inexpressive, introverted self, Celebrate this night away, take all my numbness and make it into cheery songs and dances of liberation. Let the people witness the pride and honor they have demanded for the last three weeks and shine on us with a new dawn, offering hope, dignity and a bright future for us all.

For God's sake, CELEBRATE people.


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