The job hunt

I have been looking for a job for nearly 4 months now, I have applied for everything that I have found compatible with my abilities or experience. I have also applied for jobs outside of my interest due to their geographical locations. Job applications ranged from assistant to brand marketing manager.
Anyways, the closest I have been to an interview, was an initial phone interview that lasted about 15 minutes, in which I had to repeat myself over and over again, courtesy of a crappy connection. I was promised feedback within two weeks. It's been over two months, and I haven't heard from them.

I have also been stood up. Yes, that's right, stood up. I showed up, but the interviewer didn't. I left and sent two emails to all the people involved. I got a response a day later, telling me he had an emergency meeting. Have you not heard of emails or phones? In this day and age, I refuse to accept such a flimsy excuse. There are several ways of communication; SMS, email, phone call, etc...

Another company sent me an email, telling me they wanted to schedule an interview on a particular day. They asked me if I was available and they asked for some other professional information. I replied in the same day, telling them I was available and all the information required. The interview was supposed to be a week from the date of the email. I didn't receive any emails since.

So, I give up. I don't even want a job any more if that's the way people are going to treat candidates.


deppy said…
Rabena yedena w yedeki ya benty :(

what kind of jobs are you looking for?
Sina said…
I was looking for anything, but I am going to give it a rest for a while and focus on my studies instead.

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