Hindi songs and Youstafandy

I've recently downloaded 1.4 Gigabytes worth of old Hindi songs and I have to admit, it is one of the best things I've done in a while.
I find Hindi songs very soothing, much like soft Jazz tunes, but even more so; they send me in some kind of a trance. They are hypnotic.Some of them are slow and sleepy, others are of a more speedy tempo and prompt you to shake your head like those Bollywood dancers; left to right and right to left like a pigeon.

I am also becoming a great fan of Youstafandy or tangerine. Maybe because it's winter and my immune system needs more vitamin C, but I am starting to really like it. I don't remember ever liking tangerine that much.
Painting by Kim Myerson

So, I decided to combine my two new obsessions together and the effect was something worthy of being packed into tablets and sold as illegal drugs. One tangerine while listening to soothing Hindi songs makes for one very high listener :) I do recommend it.


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