Block us and we will come

For the past three days, young Egyptians have been demonstrating, ever since the facebook declared day of Anger the 25th of January. The government didn't expect it to have this impact; after all they are fancy boys and girls who tweet and have iPhones and use the BB on a regular basis. A couple of days before the demonstrations, an Egyptian published a note making fun of those who were calling for the protests, saying if you do all the activities of the middle class, then this demonstration is not for you. He said that these demonstrations are for the poor and if you are not poor, then stay at home; "revolutions are organized by the hungry", he said.

True, people who participated in the demonstrations, especially on Tuesday 25th, were not poor. They didn't need to demonstrate, they had enough money to go on, but it is not why they are demonstrating. They were (and are) demonstrating for the sake of Egyptians everywhere, those here, abroad, and those who are not even born yet. They are demonstrating for dignity, honor and good honest living. They are participating for their children, for your children and for all those who believe that Egypt is yet to find its hidden glory.

They are participating for the sake of Egypt, after all, a country is its people.

One of the chants was, "Either we all live luxuriously, or we all get caught by the police."
يا نعيش عيشة لوكس يا نروح كلنا فى البوكس

The government starts to respond today with feeble statements that don't make sense, saying the government will not be overthrown, that the government is with the demands of the people, that youth are the heart of Egypt and that people are just excited that's all. They ridiculed the demonstrations, saying that they are only a couple of thousands of people and Egyptians are 80 million, so the protesters are a minority.

Omar Ibn Khattab during his rule, said that if an animal dies on the road (because it is not paved), then it is his fault. An animal, not thousands of people.

But they don't care.

Meanwhile, people in Suez, North Sinai and Ismailia are being killed, by their own brothers who can't seem to say "No" to those who slaughter us. Live fire is being used and the police refused to give the families the bodies of the dead (they don't want big gatherings in funerals).

Police goes around hospitals and arrests the wounded; such a brave move.

Today they arrested someone in a diabetic coma and refused to let him go to get treatment.

Media is divided, some say that people should calm down, and that the government has "understood" what's going on, just like Ben Ali of Tunisia "understood" his people in his last speech. They understood, that's why people are being killed.

Today I opened Jazeer Mubasher and saw a couple of pictures being displayed of bloodied people, lying on the ground, children throwing bricks and people being bombed by gas bombs. I thought it was Palestine and then I found out it was Egypt. People are being treated just like Palestinians, but not by a foreign force, by their own flesh and blood.

Throughout the day, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and Black Berry services have been cut off, slowed down, or blocked. The SMS service is down and mobile services are being interrupted.

They want to BLOCK people out of their own country. Very brave.

However, tomorrow, people are planning to go out in the streets after prayers and blocking all the social media and communication channels will result in more people in the streets. Protesters are calling it "Anger Friday".
People WILL NEVER be blocked, and there will always be more people and more demonstrations.

No one can be silenced for ever and Egypt will prevail, if not tomorrow or in a week or a month, then it will be years or decades. No giving in, no abandoning, no fleeing, not when it comes to our country's honor.


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