Involve me or let me go

There exists these annoying situations, where people treat you as if you're an equal, but would not let you voice out your opinions. Then, they would give you feedback on the situation after they have obliterated your own belonging to it. They might even alienate your suggestions, make them seem unrelated, unwanted and wrong, but they would come back to you to let you know what they had done, all on their own. I hate that. I understand that some people fear sharing responsibility lest the other person screws it up, but then this should be known from the beginning.
Fact of the matter, I never really care what others do and I am glad to play any role in the situation as long as it's not related to my own life. People share news with you because sometimes they need advice, someone to listen, a sounding board, a second opinion, someone to prevent them from wrong-doing, someone with whom they can share their fears or just a nice chat. Any of those things doesn't bother me, in fact I like to listen more than I like to talk.

So, the whole idea, I like people to be honest. Do you want me to be involved as a partner in this particular situation, or just as a helpful third party? either way, I will be glad to help, just don't give me mixed signals please.


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