We're all missing validation these days, and it's not about being acknowledged, but rather it's about fulfillment. Our generation suffers from the lack of fulfillment on personal, professional and societal levels. So, as per IBHOG's invitation, here's my post for validation. The theme will be truthfulness.

I will start with the lovely arabic poems of Xandrinas, her writing is very deep, correct and every time I read a poem of hers, I find that all the cells in my body are agreeing to what those finely crafted words are saying. Hear what she has to say about life and tell me it's not true.

فقد مات الحلم رويداً
ومازلت انتظر أن يبعث الهدف يوماً
و لكني أقاوم يأساً

ًTrevelyana is very emotionally truthful, I have only recently started to follow her blog, but she's very refreshingly honest about her dailies as well as how she feels about the things she is doing, or that she experienced. She doesn't really avoid her emotions, something that makes me wish I was the same. Her posts about the psych ward were very enjoyable and revealing.

"oh ya. SO my ovaries. Ya. They can last until I finish 7 years of training damnit. If I want surgery, I will take surgery."

is true to her identity and traditions even though she's living in a totally different world, she is very committed to making it in this world on her own terms while carrying her origin with her as well, I think it's very courageous and commendable. I loved the hummus recipe and her photography is of high quality.

"At least one American in America doesn't think *ALL* Muslims are terrorists."

As soon as you read any post by
insomniac, you will know that she's been through a lot and have experienced things in her young age, that people that are much older never get to experience and yet, her posts are still innocent in a way, fun, childish and rebelling. She never conceals her anger or frustration and that's why it's so refreshing. Her blog started with a lot of things that made her tick, but in the end she found her home. Her new blog is here.

"I admit, I was righteous, a tight ass according to many, but in my righteousness I found my comfort.

Girlish is what comes to mind as soon as you read
Deppy's posts, and it's her girlish, pinkish aura that attracts you to her blog, she's very truthful in her needs and what she expects from the world. I enjoyed her movies post a lot.

"When I got the chills at my spine, when I smell the cold, when I face the wind, when I feel the cold blood running through my veins. That's when I'm at my best, that is when I'm at peace with myself, that's my favorite time of the year.

's blog always gives me the notion that I am looking directly at his brain, his posts resemble clippings of thoughts scattered all over his brain and when you read one, you get to watch this thought and experience it in its raw unedited form. It's a whole other dimension and it's fun to be in it.

"We strive to be happy, but happiness keeps changing shapes and forms.
Can we keep up? See. I'm the bait, but i'm also the fish....."

I think Brownie has a great zeal for life; what a great attribute because it takes a whole lot to be excited and open to life. She knows the complexities of life and yet she still looks at the bright side of things. It's definitely what we're missing.

"I want to share my secret with you, when I passed though the most difficult moments of my life, but only then I started seeing something that the key to my happiness is not by getting what I want, it is my satisfaction."

When you start reading Shimaa's blog, you get a great sense of self-awareness, she knows who she is very well and you get amazed by her confidence in defending her identity. She's a very proud woman despite life's trepidations. I think this something to admire. I especially like her post about the train.

"It is unfair to think that nobody cares, because there is always someone who does. It is just that we usually think that nobody cares when we want certain persons to care while knowing they never will. "

M@hdeto posts the right thing at the right time and you always find that whatever he's quoting is making a lot of sense. You do run the risk of not comprehending if he starts ranting in code, but he's very insightful in his geeky way.

"Real Morale of the story: Don’t taunt me when I have free time!"

The world according to Zandy is filled with ups and downs, but she does know how to carry herself through it. She is very true to herself about what she's going through, she doesn't try to deny it, but at the end of each post you will find her making things better.

"There is a time when people will sympathize with you and even though they don’t say it but every single action the take just screams ” ya 7aram “. Well you’ll have to deal with it and be grateful anyway."

Eventuality is very insightful and I love reading what she has to say because it always makes me think and wonder about the different possibilities, her post about the brain was really a mind-opener.

"Hope is sometimes an annoying tendency. Sometimes all I want to do is give up. But then a nagging voice in my head whispers out of the darkness that maybe things might get better"

Posh lemon gives a whole new perspective on life, she looks at living in a completely different way than what I am used to; she reminds me that we are all living in this world going in totally different ways and we really have to stop every now and then to check the other paths.

"And that some searches - such as the search for the self and for the home - remain without an outcome. And maybe this is one of the beautiful mysteries of life that you and I should embrace."

Qwaider has a very diverse blog and it's very fun to read his dating tips for men, they're pretty on the spot (Don't worry about his cave woman theory, he means no harm). He makes a lot of sense in his unadulterated truth, whilst keeping a humorous tone.

"Faced with all these "postponed" dreams, it might be a good idea to "just do it". Don't worry about anything and just go for it, fulfill your dream, worry a tiny little bit on how you're going to arrange things, but focus more on fulfilling these dreams."

Mohaly is very connected to the community and he reflects that in his posts, he often writes about current issues we're facing in our society, which spurs your thinking. His different series are very enlightening. I recommend being yourself series.

"So focus, and know that you are the one who chooses either being a slave for other people's choices, or freeing yourself and knowing that the only source of security is YOU."

I only started recently to read Abu Kareem's blog, but it's quite a pleasant journey to read about the life of a middle eastern immigrant in a foreign land and despite being away from his homeland, he's still very much engaged and connected, more so than people who live and die there. His tale of Caroline is heart felt and touching, I do recommend it.

"Then it happened, with a sudden rush of thoughts and emotions, one of life’s intense, confusing and contradictory moments. I felt simultaneously a sense of happiness, longing, loss, sadness and contentment"

Noblese maybe writing all the way from Switzerland, but she's very connected to the Arabian blog-o-sphere. She's an avid traveler and she gives me hope and reminds me of all the places that I still have to visit. I guess, she is hopeful. Check out her post on Egyptian friends, it's hilarious.

"It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else."

Jazarah is all about what's happening in the online and advertising worlds, the blog is informative, fun and immersing. Check his post on VW advertising.

"It can’t be that the president of the USA felt so festive that he decided to wear Hindu traditional clothes and to paint his head :)"

We come to Ibhog, the ever active, overly energetic, greatly engaging and always sending waves down the blog-o-sphere. And now you can enjoy the writings of his alter-ego Noha. I guess Ibhog came to the blog-o-sphere like Kevin Bacon in footloose, he shook things up and he's always true to himself in his writing.

His description of winter:
"For me, you’re the ultimate paradox, you’re the controller of opposites, you’re the ruler of all seasons, you have wisdom when it comes to our innermost feelings and emotions, you heal us, you propel us to face ourselves, and you push us to have resolution."

I love Mae's quirky, one of a kind, creative brain. Whenever I read a post of hers I know that she has the mentality of an artist. I was blown away by her take on movies, a completely different perspective and I loved it. She makes sense in her difference.

"You get hurt, life hits you in the face.. But you get back up and do it all over again. Because life must go on. And because moments like these are SO worth it."

Hareega's posts are interesting and the fact that you always get the sense that he stresses on living life through actions, rather than numbers and papers, at least that's what I think. He's also really hilarious, especially this post where he says his final goodbyes to a cockroach in his apartment.

"I finally got a taste of my own poison ... and it felt sooo good!"

Evaluna is earthly and grounded, but at the same time her writing is very mystical
.She paints a picture, a wonderful, colorful and engaging painting in every post she writes and I feel that her thoughts are very coherent, smooth and going in the same direction.

"And the day turns to dusk and dusk becomes night and the night shifts to dawn. And I am not older. I am not younger. I am me and I expand in indefinable dimensions, not age-related."

Lively is the best word to describe Roba's entries, you can tell from her writing that she's a very active person. The amazing thing about her posts is that you get glimpses of her life in different stages, so you kind of see Roba growing.

"I miss that simplicity. I miss living in that tailor-made, perfect little universe where everyone is a cookie-cutter copy of everyone else. I miss the world where there are no misunderstandings, where everyone loves one another, and where there are never any ulterior motives"

7aki makes me believe that you can have it all; that being a woman doesn't entail sticking to one label and say this is me, but rather exploring all the possibilities that being a woman offers. I like her posts and the fact that she's so confident about her existence, something really admirable. Check out her take on dentists and hairdressers, so true.

"I hope that one day there will be a tipping point, the tipping point that will make people see that it’s not only the woman who has to balance work and family, it’s also the mans duty. I am waiting for the day when kings are also asked, how do you balance work and family."

Miss Juka is sweet, successful and amazing. She has a great writing style and I really enjoy reading what she has to say, because it is always so balanced and realistic, but at the same time very optimistic; it's a very tricky balance, but she does it with such finesse.

"Your individual achievements have triggered a chain reaction of events resulting in our very conversation. In you being able to assume that I could have been in your place. Yet had you not been there, I probably would not have been there either."

Verbal Alchemy is like her nickname suggests, she's all about manipulating words to result in whatever that she needs to say in such an expressive way. She does say it right.

"Toxic Friends..

Waltz was never my favorite dance
Going around in circles, yet still at stance..
Masquerading back and forth with detriment
Repeatedly telling me it’s not entirely meant
Your theory of friendship is so distorted
Making me feel confused and contorted
It’s hard to let go but I cannot stay..
Till you finally realize my worth one day
I wish you let me know what’s on your mind
So I can make a decision and never look behind.."

Nermeena is all about poise, you know from her posts that she's a lady in every sense of the word. I always think of a time back in the 40's or 50's whenever I start reading her blog, a better time, a time when ethics was expected and dully received. I loved her post on eve behind bars

"I am not willing to give up, cannot apprehend the idea of letting go and cling to whatever life offers.

It ultimately offers some good stuff , but what is good? Can you define “good”!! good is subjective, nothing definite about it."

Mohammad is very impressive as a person, he has great will and determination and I think it shows in his writing, he has not let life beat him down. He's a fighter and that's truly something. He's also the most avid reader I know.

"A revelation: Happiness has many elements. Having a job that you love, that pays a good salary, and that makes you learn something new almost everyday, and being in a good work environment, all this are only elements of being happy."

KJ is funny, descriptive and writes the most interesting topics, always unexpected and yet he still respects the geek within. He's very talented as a writer, but he's capable of laughing it off as well.

"Or buckle up, whichever you prefer – I am gonna force my way back into your lives and cheer you out of your mundane, boring daily routine."

Gjoe is fun and one of a kind and she has great potential, she's my best friend and might be biased, but if we had went to school together, I would have voted her "Most likely to Succeed" and "funniest". She's a real woman and a great person. Her posts range from religious, touching and personal to theories about parking and geeky jokes. Check her post on virgos.

"We spend our whole lives worrying about the future, planning for the future, trying to predict the future, as if figuring it out will cushion the blow. But the future is always changing. The future is the home of our deepest fears and wildest hopes. But one thing is certain when it finally reveals itself. The future is never the way we imagined it."

Jessy is fun, kind and one of the coolest mommies I know. She writes things that make sense and really make you believe that maybe life isn't that bad. Her optimism is definitely contagious and I would say it's greatly respected, because it's not an easy thing. Check her lessons from Horton hears a who.

"If you are the kind of person who thinks that everything has to be perfect for you to be happy, rethink your strategy, no one lives a perfect life. Look deep enough and you will find that even the people with the seemingly most enviable lives have their problems and deep dark secrets."

Belya is one of my favorite bloggers, but he's been AWOL for a while. Check his personal quotes.

لم أكن أعلم أن حرية الروح كما سلبت يمكن يوما أن تعود . فإني أعلم بالتحديد في أي لحظات حياتي سلبت مني حريتي ، فلم أعد أتنفس كالبشر ، و لكني كنت منذ تلك اللحظة كالآلة التي تسحب الهواء ثم تفرغه دون إستغلاله أو الشعور بوجوده
و لكن مع إقلاع الطائرة لم أستطع إلا الإبتسام و الإحساس بنسيم الحرية يملىء رئتي . فها أنا قد ولدت حرا من جديد

At last, but certainly not the least, Ze2red Hanem; this girl is so emotionally grounded it makes me wonder how she does it. I read her posts because she really opens up my eyes on so many things I am missing. I love her way of writing; young, refreshing and yet very wise.

"Will you surrender to fate and not fight back for your right to lead a happy meaningful life? Fighting means you are working your way towards self esteem. It’s knowing that despite the obstacles we face in life we are capable of facing the challenges. We are up to the fight because we have the will and desire to live happily."

So, here we are, the validation post, it took me two days to write it, but I finally did it. I hope I have been truthful.

We are all individuals trying not to be sucked in the whirlpool of life.


Anonymous said…
that was truthful, rich and .. just plain amazing, Sina.

Thanks a million :)
7aki Fadi said…
Thanks so much for your nice words.

Thanks to this list I now read a couple of your favorites too :) .
this is nice, seems like i'm going to add a new bunch of blogs to my reader account.
gjoe said…

Your Post Rocks :)

Specially the part about ME :P

W ba3deen you have no idea how much i needed to hear this!

Perfect timing

(Quick Hug)
Shimaa Gamal said…
Thank you Sina for this truthful post. And thank you for your very nice words.
I have been wanting to write my validation post since Ibhog posted it bas el 2otta akalet sawab3y :)

But what's really amazing about this post that it just came in time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Maxxed`ouT said…
Well i don't mean to be rude or obnoxious, but what the hell is a "validation" post?!
Sina said…
Ibhog: you're welcome, I just hope I've said the right things.

7aki: You're most welcome, glad I helped with your reading list.

Ze2red Hanem: I don't know how I managed to skip you from my reader. Please forgive my sloppiness and check the post again.

Gjoe: Thanks for the hug :D

Shimaa:You're welcome ya Shimoo, I am eager to read yours.

Max: it's something that Ibhog started, sort of a tag. I hope I haven't offended you or anything, mainly you just say what you like about blogs/ bloggers that you read.

Check Ibhog's entry to understand the whole issue(if you have time, watch the video):
Sina, how can i put this in words... hmmm, when i first read the post, it was really nice and you made me eager to follow some other people. And i always love it when people share their ideas and love for something or someone over the blogshpere.

Now, i'm really on that list!!! it never crossed my mind that you read what i write, and now i find out it's not only that, you are a secret follower and quoted me on things... Wow, this is a wonderful surprise

Yaaayyy... Yaaayyyy... I'm happy and over the moon, Thank you so much for the Truthful validation ;)
Maxxed`ouT said…
Well... no not at all you haven't offended me :)
I was just curious that's all!
Juka said…
Wow! Thank you for the interesting suggestions on blogs I should be following. My hungry reader thanks you.

I am touched ya Sina, as I always am when such sweet sentiment is voiced. You are too kind to me ya fandem. Hope this ego boosting exercise has brought its giver as much joy as it has its recipients.

You know you are loved dear!
Nerro said…
da ana adeema awi :D
begad am honored and humbled, thank you so much for the lovely words. I would have LOVED to belong to the 40s or early 50s
deppy said…
Sina, thanks babe you just made my day, I was enjoying the post (I love the validation idea, thanks to ibhog :)) and I'm super flattered that I found me here :).

Did I mention you have a delightful way of putting words together it's like drawing a colorful picture :)

And it's nice getting to know more blog buddies :D.

Thanks again xoxo
insomniac said…

luf you Sina :)

and luf you luf you for linking one of my "happy posts" :)))
Brownie said…
Thanks a lot Sina and Ibhog, begad i feel like i achieve something. thanks a lot for the company, the advice, the support and prayers, and now motivation...
M@hdeTo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
M@hdeTo said…
Thank you :) Hope everything is going well with you.
Hebba said…
hey, that is very nice post. i enjoyed reading it, and started reading other's posts too.
didnt get the time to read them all, but its a lovely idea to post them.
thx for sharing :)
Sina said…
Ze2red: Of course I read your blog and I relate to many things you say.
I am glad you liked it.

Max: :D

Juka: Thanks, I appreciate it and yes it was very inspiring and gratifying.

Nerro: You're a lady for sure :D

Deppy: You just made my day, thank you for this great complement and you're welcome.

Inso: Same here Hun :D

Brownie: Glad it was motivating, anytime dear ;)

Mahdeto:I am well, thanks.

Hebba: Thanks and welcome to my blog :D
What an Amazing effort! Seriously!

Thank you so much for the kind words, I hope I'll live up to them.But I really appreciate it.

I'm truly honored

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