The departure

They didn't ask the question out of concern as much as it was out of curiosity; they wanted to know the reason for such as abrupt exit. They smiled, faked "Aww" sounds and pretended to care, but what they were really after was some juicy gossip to entertain their petty existence.
And as they smiled at and wished me well, marveled at my anger and decisiveness, some of them thought I was crazy, others thought it was brave, some deduced that I was spoiled and the rest, well, they didn't really give a damn.
I knew that I would never see these people again, even though they said we would, and that notion offered me some relief. My mind was already calculating the amount of time needed to erase all memories associated with them and that annoying place. The result: less than 5 days. Yes, memories of more than a year and a half of my life would be forgotten, let go and annihilated in less than one hundred and twenty hours. The only things that I would take from those days were lessons of what not to do, and for that I was grateful.

It has been an experience, as many things in our lives, but it has been a learning experience and as most of my learning experiences go, it ended in bitterness, followed by sweet relief. I really can't remember any profound experience of mine that ended well. Maybe in the future...So, to the future.

And Yes, I quit my annoying job.


Maxxed`ouT said…
What do you do?
M@hdeTo said…
Have you found another one yet ?
deppy said…
Good luck sweets, for some unknown reason we have to face this bitterness, bas han3mel eh "akl l 3esh mor"

inshalah you will end up in the perfect place :)
Sina said…
Max: I used to work in the sales and operations department in an FMCG, right now I am between jobs
AKA unemployed.

M@hdeto: not yet, but I am hopeful.

Deppy: and quelle bitterness el 7a2ee2a.
thanks Hon, I sure hope so.
Maxxed`ouT said…
of course...
i know exactly what that is...
Hebba said…
i know the feeling.have been there too. and i know it when ppl smile at you a yellow & black smile, wishin u'd never come back.
its not the end of the world. life goes on.
i have been looking for a job too, and still have the hope to find one soon. sinde egypt, outside, i dont care anymore.
a fresh new start.
good luck, and forget about the old ones. they dont deserve occupying a space of your brain or heart :)
doniazad79 said…
the bottom line is that you are happy about your decision, people will always try to have a say, some may marvel about your decision weighing the pros and cons, others would love to be in your shoes, and the rest would just wonder in silence.

life is all about new experiences and new talents. Some jobs can smother our creativity and make us forget our real passion.

I recommend to follow your instincts and your passion because once you figure it out, you will no longer "hold a job" but will do what you are passionate about for life.

Good luck in your new pursuit:) wish u all the best.

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