Somebody already broke my ...

Ever wonder why people always say "S/He really broke my heart"? It just doesn't make much sense really. I mean the mind is the one that does all the reminiscing, all the alternative scenarios, all the what ifs, all the what happened and all the maybe if this or that. The mind is the one that keeps relating current events to ones that you want to forget and all the while, the heart is just beating away, not knowing what is happening with the "tenant upstairs", it's just pumping blood in the veins, cheerfully doing it's part and being blamed for something that it has nothing to do with. Think of the heart as the line worker in a factory, making sure the line is going smoothly and occasionally unclogging the lines, he's just sitting on his chair with a toothpick in his teeth. Even when you get upset, the mind is doing that, you just feel it in your heart because the pumping has increased per-mind's request. Imagine the line worker getting a direct order from the factory manager telling him "speed up the line", the worker jumps off his chair, spits out his toothpick and focuses completely on speeding the line and normally everyone in the factory is affected since they all work according to the speed of the line.

The point is people should say "S/he broke my mind." It just makes more sense.


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