Party of one

I am really tired, mentally exhausted and I am starting to get circles under my eyes even though I am an early sleeper and riser, I exercise regularly and I try to eat healthy stuff and I take vitamins, so the circles under my eyes shouldn’t really be there, but maybe it’s the toll of this month. Weird things have been happening all over the place this month; I am just hoping that it ends on a better note than this.
I have been having a really bad feeling for the past week, and I don’t know if it’s because of me being upset or a premonition. I am not psychic; in fact I am the type of people who don’t dream and if I do it’s usually nonsense and scenes of utter annoyance, which eventually results in me waking up with a vicious headache.
I am on my way to Alex on some business; my dad wouldn’t let me drive, so I took a car and a driver from work; he’s driving really slow, which is annoying, but it’s ok even though I am probably going to be late. I haven’t been to Alex in a couple of years and the last time I went, I spent 2 days or something in it; I’ve never really spent enough time in Alex and this time is no different. I really should make some time and go spend a week or sth there; I mean I know Sharm, Ein El Sokkhna, Taba, Noweiba3 and El Gouna really well, but I don’t really know Alex. Shameful, huh?
I am very comfortable on my own; being with other people makes me tense even if I know them really well. I am most relaxed on my own, and I am really starting to think that I am one of those people who HAVE to live alone. I just think it’s much better for me as well as the people around me to just be on my own.


ibhog said…
I so relate to the 'mentally exhausted' thing.

This month is actually weird.

I hope you enjoy your short trip, without people affecting your relaxed mood :)

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