Notions materialized

Every now and then, an idea pops in my head about something I have to do before I die or turn 30, these ideas seem a little bit impossible, because they usually involve things like changing my residence, traveling half way around the world, individuality, courage and most of all money; something that I don't have and is a pain in the neck to acquire.
Anyhow, to ease my spirit, I buy stuff to signify this feat that I want to enjoy, anything that represents the place. For instance I once wanted to go somewhere that's very cold, so I bought a jacket. Another time, I wanted to travel to a place where there are a lot of olives, so I bought an olive colored messenger bag and so on.
Things that are completely unrelated to the place, except of my own perception of it. Then, a few days ago someone bought me a small statue of a giraffe, made of wood, supposedly in Kenya, so I decided that this will be my notion of going to Kenya materialized in this small giraffe.

Looking back on my behavior, I decided that it was illogical, because none of these items guarantees my going to these particular places, but what can I say, I'm only human, or so I think.


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