In awe

I don't know where in the book of life it says that an individual has to share all his/her ideas with all the people that happen to be in his/her life.
It is just damn provoking when people expect you to spill out everything in your guts whether you know them or not, and even if you do, there is something called PRIVACY people.

Just because I know you, doesn't mean that I will be your new best friend.
I think we have a problem in knowing when to stop, I noticed that we're always advising each other, scorning each other and thinking we're better than others, when we're all the same.


zandy said…
well many ppl are "7esharyeen" by nature. i know no one has to tolerate that, but all i know is that they need every once in while they need someone to tell them to stop.
Deeeeeee said…
A person is a collection of features... you have no control over the set of features in each indicidual, but by deciding which features you accept, you decide which collection of people are to stay in your life. Curiosity is a feature.

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