Boring undpredictablility

Seeking the thrill of life has become a very common case amongst our generation and even though I'm all for it, sometimes it's not that exciting or even nerve wrecking, but just plain boring.
Unpredictability isn't always exciting, even though you might think it is, but sometimes it just makes you wish you had that awful stuck up routine other people have, just for the sake of change.
When unpredictability means your life being toyed with, your soul being tarnished and your existence becomes worthless, it quits being enjoyable and starts being a pain in the neck.

Moving from one place to the next, not because you want to, but because you have to, places which don't express you or inspire you, with people who don't know what they're doing, just waiting for the caravan of life to start moving again, just to believe that they have life, a life which they never had and never existed, but rather something that destroyed them a long time ago, leaving them with a fake sensation of importance, a false feeling of security and a pretentious thought of power.


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