A brave face

We always manage a brave face in case of an annoying situation, either through a faint smile or raging anger like a wounded lion. Either way, it can always be summarized as "a brave face"
Everybody does it, because according to elders it makes life "easier", but sometimes I perceive it as just plain lying, being a hypocrite, a coward or a weak person. Long gone is the time when we can just say whatever we think to whoever we want, to face the pretentious controlling personalities of our lives.
Some might say we have so many brave faces because we're descent. Maybe, but I believe we do have them because we're afraid of losing whatever progress we've achieved in our lives, we're afraid of the retaliation of such a powerful personality, we want to go forward, to become better, to have more money, more possessions, we want the materialistic because we can't have the non-materialistic.Our traditions are being tarnished day after day after day by our own people, we've become a hybrid of races and traditions, a tasteless mixture that doesn't serve any purpose but put grimaces on the onlooker's face, or a smile on our destroyer's face.
What's more troubling, is that we don't stop and say that's wrong, we don't realize we're destroying everything that describes us, we're trying to become people we're not, people who behave like perfectly-programmed robots, until rust eats us up and we still behave like robots, unable to break out of our binary prison, then our system starts to shut down, but we don't even know, we just keep going and going till we are no longer able to exist.

We've become like a body that has been infected by cancerous cells, we're just eating each other up and someday the body will shut down , leaving us with a memory of a body, of a life , of traditions and culture.


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