The purpose of life

What is the purpose of our life?
In the past, before history, it was to survive against harsh weather, devouring predators and fear of the night. The purpose of life then was so simple, which was to produce as many off springs as possible in order to make a tribe, which could travel together, fight together and protect each other. The laws of biology and physics were still unchallenged, we couldn't fly or fight the flu. We couldn't free fall into the wind and come out without a single bone harmed, we couldn't face a creature 10 times our size and come out victorious. The law of natural selection applied to us as well as other creatures on earth. We had more physical perils and we lived according to Darwinian law of "survival of the fittest"
While that life was hard and unsafe in so many ways, it was also so simple, so raw and so primitive. Our needs and wants were uncomplicated, our lives depended more on our own competency than on luck. We were undeveloped and uneducated. We were barbarians (at least we think so now), but with this uneducation, under-development and barbarity came something that we long for now...Simplicity.
We traded this one word for technology, for knowledge and other things that we don't use and tend to make us stupid. The point is, during the way to enlightenment, we lost the purpose of our lives and it became every person's care to find it again, to retrieve something that we didn't even know that we lost.
So, what is the purpose of life? It's no longer about survival or offspring production, it just has to be something much more than that as we ceased to be chased by dinosaurs and eat leaves.
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