Older people

I tend to relate better to older people than the younger ones, ages ranging from forties to sixties, should I be worried? I don't know, but the fact remains that as a child I've always been the grown up one, the composed one, the brainy one...etc.
It first occurred to me as I was reading "The Sunday philosophy club", by Alexander McCall Smith and I could completely relate to Isabel who's in her forties rather than Cat who's in her twenties and this scared me; I realized that I've never felt young or childish.
Go figure!!
Then, I was watching "The bridges of Madison county" and don't ask me why, because I usually hate this movie. Anyhow, I found myself relating to the heroin (Whom I can't remember her name), who was in her forties and then she died. I think I'm a hopeless case.
So, to the older soul which I seem to have, GIVE ME A BREAK.

That's all! *wink*


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