The future...personified

A person I know is currently going through a personality crisis; she doesn't know what she wants to be or what she wants to do , so she decided to be bitter. Anger and crying have become her default. She's in her late twenties and I can't help her with anything because I don't know how. Also, she has a private business, but whenever she's faced with a problem, she becomes all weak and weepy. Then she says "I don't want this work" and then the next day she's working again, but with a lousier mood. I think she hates herself, but she blames it on others in order not to go mad. Anyhow, I think she's on a brink of nervous breakdown.

Anyway, I'm afraid of becoming that person. I don't know, but currently I'm undefined, unaware and indifferent of my future (part of my ongoing depression)


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