I am guilty of being prejudice, but when I read the words "native speaker needed or AUCians" I feel like wrecking this country for what it has done to its people. We have 3o2det 2el 7'awaga so deep set that we can see nothing else. We don't see our own lustre, even if it's rare.
Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not that patriotic, but I just think of past times back in the forties and thirties when being Egyptian meant something,when our public education was still something to hold proudly, when people were less vile and more involved, when we worked hard, but still had our afternoon teas and our nightly outings. When life seemed good and we actually had a local economics and an industrial presence in the market, when Egypt was still capable of exporting cotton and the feminist movement was at its most vibrant state.

Well, now we got our poor excuse of an education, our ill-mannered people and our corrupt country. I take off my hat to every loser who said " time for a revolution"


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