The world as we live it

"Tripped along many stones
Enough to say
I found my own way
I don't know where to go
Couldn't see where it leads "

It's a part of "Sick and Tired", a song by anastacia. It sounds familiar, doesn't it?

We always choose a road and think it's the right one, which shall bring us happiness, yet we blind ourselves from the awful truth , of something going wrong. So, we trip and fall then we stand up, and the whole cycle repeates itself.

Sounds pathetic, but this is the essence of human living. In the past, the challanges would actually involve tripping and falling, cause they were mainly physical-running from a predator, escaping a flood, getting food,etc..- now, it's all mental, which i think is more exhaustive and frustrating. Not because we're stupid, but because it involves a lot of indirect methods, which requires evasiveness and cunning.

So, if you're sleezy and cheezy, you should get along fine in this world.


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