so, what next? according to the world of numbers and paper, yours truely is a complete and utter failure, but you know what, all i have to say is


and you know what, yes it 's sad and the thought of re-living this whole experience, gives me shivers and awful goosebumps, ones that don't go away, then i feel nauseas and the world starts to swirl.But whatever happens, you can look up and down at me and say i am a bad apple or whatever you wish to think. You may want to say that i should have pushed myself harder or paid more attention, and you will think it. But then again Who THE HELL do you think you are?
you think getting a degree is something? well, i have news for you, it means you are just a degree holder, not kinder, not moral or ethical, not good-looking or creative, it just means you know how to take a test. So, you may go on in your life thinking high of yourself, reminiscing over the days of hard work, feeling special and distinguished. Well, enjoy looking at the world from a computer screen, hiding behind your 100 gega-byte piece of machinary, thinking the academic world would make up for all those real experiences you missed out on cause you were too busy counting the lines of code in ur program.

Who in their right mind would like to be a programmer anyhow? just spending your days looking at lines and lines of code , to make the cashier checkout faster by 5 seconds rather than 10 seconds!!!! Who care? just wait in line, and don't complain cause ur life isn't that important.

My respect to all those people studying java, C# and C++, i don't mean anything, but i just found out that this isn't the life for me, and i would rather die than let some sleezy, 4 eyed[i wear glasses myself] professors judge me according to my grades, or one of those hot-shot business men , or university officers or whatever the hell executive who needs a piece of paper with a bunch of numbers written on it to decide how well a person i am for his beloved institution.

You see we're made of flesh and blood, we 're made of thoughts and feelings, we're made of actions and reactions. Each one of us is special in his/her own way and each one of us has a little piece of the Lord in them, which makes us unique and blessed. I spent my whole life learning about ethics and morals, of politics, economics, of countries, of cultures , of things greater than myself, of creativity and of LIFE. All these things make me the person i am today, and before i feel like a loser, i have to say that i am proud of myself and of each and every decision i've made, even the wrong ones.

So, don't let an academic life rid you of your youth or life, cause believe me the only real judge, is God, and he's the fairest of all. SO, to all the rest of you mortals, i bow out of your expectations and will only hold my own.

People may judge, but i have a brain of my own, judging none and caring for no one...


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