coffee-mate and powder milk

The difference between using coffee-mate in your nescafe and powder milk, is that the coffee mate really blends with nescafe grains and water, rather than powder milk, which leaves a strange putty-textured residue at the end of the cup. I hate that residue.
It's a very subtle difference, but 2 very different experiences of coffee.

This reminds me of the difference between right and wrong,and how you don't realize that you're going wrong until the very end,with that thick and greasy after taste.


Deeeeeee said…
I go for milk... not powdered... just plain old half skimmed enjoy, I dislike coffee mate and hate the residues, although powdered milk dissolves completely when it comes to tea.

My point is, there's no absolute right or wrong, it all depends on the beholder!! And always take into consideration that everything differs from one person to another and learn to accept their points of views even if they might seem...inert. Never blame anyone for having a different mind or going through another set of experiences, after all its those experiences that really set up your mind.
Deeeeeee said…
btw... no sugar! ;)

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