run and hide

All we're good at is talking, no matter what, we're perfect at talking, but when it comes to real action and enforcing what we are talking about, everyone suddenly suffers from an illness. The strange thing that a lot of times, talk induces talk and it becomes an empty cycle of nonsence, that people delibrate.In this cycle right is wrong, bad is good and heroism is given to the dead rather than the living.
In our world, there's always going to be a tyrant, or at least someone who's called a tyrant. We live to be rebels without a reason, we die to stop living and we breathe cause we can't help it. Yet, with every breath we take, we waste it on talking, rather than doing something about it. We can not blame one person or one organisation for this, we can not blame our society, but we can blame ourselves. Why is it that people refuse to work, but more than willing to talk,even if talking is easier. Talking doesn't create anything different than gossip, which is the poison of any culture or organisation.
Our lives are lead by talking, we heard that this movie is good, this telephone doesn't have a gurantee, and so on and so on. No one stops to make sure that it's actually true, no one analysis what this meant. Just talking, talking and more talking, and when it's time to work , "Run and Hide" comes to mind.

dedicated to our messy lives and middle eastern events.


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