There is that Stupid film called "Two weeks notice", the whole plot is romantic comedy , so i won't say that it's my favorite movie, but it make me laugh.
Anyhow, there's the main character called Lucy, and i swear to God, if i could be someone, i want to be her. Not because of the ending, it's typical. The guy falls for her, isn't it cliche?

She's that empowered and totally independant woman, until she falls for the guy anyway. She's a lawyer, who knows history and several other things. She graduated from Harvard, she believes in equality and the importance of woman(believe me not every woman is like that). She's fabulous.Exquisite actually. Although everybody says she isn't beautiful, i think she's fine.

Anyway, the thing that really ticks me about the movie, is that she actually changed her looks for the guy . It's like WHO cares? Has lying become the only currency for human relationships?

A person shouldn't ask another to change his/her look, it isn't fair. I don't believe in changing a person to fit your own needs, it's either you fit together or you don't.


Deeeeeee said…
I no longer believe in seeking equality! I refuse to compare myself or any other lady or thinker to average everyday chauvinist pigs. I'm sure you know people with functioning brains think there's no major difference! I saw this picture once it said: "Men CAN stop wars, Men CAN stop rape... but they don't"... So I really think its up to us to find other ways to rid the world of such horrors instead of trying to seek equality with air-driven species!
cesario said…
Superiority and dominance isn't a solution as women have experienced in the last decades, we have to learn from previous mistakes.

In addition, i think MEN don't constitute the problem anymore,i mean we have the law on our side somewhat partially[Still, there are tremendous changes to be achieved in the law department]. The real problem, is how women view themselves nowadays and how they think. We are in need of teaching women how to view themselves, how much they are worth and what they can do to change the world around us.

Most of the women i meet who are my age, think about marriage only.I'm not saying that we should ban marriage, but they should also be involved in politics, economics and whatever they set there mind on.

You see men have ruled for most of history, i think it's women's time now and we should show the world how it should be run. Not with WAR and Destruction.

So, to women.

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